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The School has a well furnished Library, comprising of books dealing with academics, general knowledge, reference books, newspapers, magazines and a whole lot of good and hand-picked
story books for the entertainment of our children. Apart from this, the library is stocked with excellent educational video cassettes, CDs for the benefit of our children. This also helps our teachers to
use the audio-visual method of teaching in the Classroom.



  • Silence is a must in the Library.

  • Books issued are to be properly cared for and returned within 7 days of the date of issue.

  • A fine of Rs 1/- per day will be charged after the expiry of the due date if the book is not returned.

  • If the date of return happens to be a holiday, the same be returned on the following/next working day.

  • Absence is not an excuse for delay in the return of a book.

  • In case of the loss or damage of a book, the cost of the book will be met by the borrower.

  • Any sort of marking or writing in the book is forbidden and violation of this rule will result with a fine on the borrower.

  • The borrower must carefully check the book for any marking, writing or damage to the book in any way and accordingly inform the Librarian at the time of issuing the book.

  • A ‘one -page’ summary of the book borrowed and read by the student needs to be handed over to the Librarian at the time of returning the book.

Physical education forms a part of School curriculum. All pupils are encouraged to take part in games and activities under the guidance of trained P.E.Ts. Facilities are given for outdoor games
like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey etc. in addition, there are facilities for indoor games. In other games’ hall, there is provision for Table tennis. In the huge auditorium Badminton
and Lawn tennis courts are made for regular practice throughout the year.

Athletic meets are held every year. The school competes regularly with the local Sports Club and schools.

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New Stewart School, Cuttack has two good and well equipped Computer Laboratories for the benefit of our students. There is one for the use of the Intermediate and Senior students and the
second for our Junior students.

The Senior Computer Laboratory has Computers on which the children are taught Java in Blue J. The Laboratory is equipped for both Practical as well as Theory Classes.

The Junior Computer Laboratory caters to the education of the children in Computer Science, compulsorily from Classes 3 to 7. The Laboratory which has Internet Connection is also used as a
Resource Room for the children as well as the staff to upgrade and facilitate themselves with necessary and latest information in various fields of knowledge from the Net.



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