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Parents Feedback

Note to Parents

Parents are to kindly ensure that :


  • They check the school diaries of their wards everyday.

  • Their children come neatly dressed and attend the school regularly and punctually.

  • Their children study their lessons regularly and do their homework properly.(For this , a reference to the school diary will help).

  • Their children do not wear any gold or expensive ornaments.If they do ,they may do so at their own risk.

  • If their ward is unwell , they should keep him / her at home.

  • When they are intimated about their ward being sick, they should come to school as soon as possible.

  • They should not meet their wards or any teacher during class hours without prior permission from the principal.

  • Absentees from the class must bring a leave application , addressed to the principal from the parents stating the reason for the absence.

  • They see the  notice board when they come to school.

  • Their ward returns to school promptly after holidays/vacations

  • Their ward are not to be found loitering near the vendors outside the school.

    (The School will in no way be responsible for any untoward incident outside the schoolgates.)

  • If their ward is in class 6 and above , he or she will not come to school in civil dress even on their birthdays.

  • The principal be intimated in writing one month in advance in case of their ward’s withdrawal from the school.A fee of 300/-is charged for the issue of Transfer certificate (T.C.). An application for T.C. should be submitted at least two clear days before the date on which the T.C. is required.

  • That Rs.100/- be paid for the issue of a duplicate report card and fees challan book respectively.


Parents Feedback

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