New Stewart School, Cuttack continues its journey of success and endeavors to strive on till it reaches the pinnacles of excellence.

New Stewart School, Cuttack came into existence on the 21st July’ 1992 in the Old Mission Press building of Orissa through the keen vision, meticulous planning and the painstaking efforts of Rt. Rev. D. K. Mohanty and Rev. P. K. Samantray, the then Bishop and Secretary of the Diocese of Cuttack, CNI respectively.

In the year 1990, the visionary Diocesan leaders planned and decided to start a new English Medium School in the historic city of Cuttack. Rt. Rev. D.K. Mohanty, the Power of Attorney of BCTA-cum-Bishop, Diocese of Cuttack, CNI, along with the help and assistance of the then Secretary of the Diocese, Rev. P. K. Samantray, began the arduous work of starting the school along the lines of Stewart School, Cuttack.

The major renovation work was taken up by these two visionaries of the Diocese of Cuttack, CNI and this Herculean task was finally completed in June’ 1992. Thus, the New Stewart School, Cuttack came into existence on the 21st July’ 1992 in the Old Mission Press building of Orissa through the keen vision, meticulous planning and the painstaking efforts of Rt. Rev. D. K. Mohanty and Rev. P. K. Samantray, the then Bishop and Secretary of the Diocese of Cuttack, CNI respectively.

The School had a rather humble beginning but as the years rolled painfully on, the School gradually gathered momentum and began its slow but steady growth over the years. Today, the School stands out as one of the good English Medium Schools in the state with all the modern facilities that any School in the present times can boast of.

The years that we spend in school are not merely time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent in moulding our character, acquiring various attributes and imbibing basic principles of life. New Stewart School is considered to be one of the finest schools in the town, highly acclaimed to its excellence I.C.S.E. results. the school has a well-equipped Library, well established Science laboratories and excellent Computer as well as Home Science Labs. The school canteen and the football field lies at the far end of the compound. the Children’s Park and the Eco Park adds charm and beauty to the entire complex. The teachers are experienced and well versed in their subjects. New Stewart School has also made a name for itself in the field of cultural pursuits and sports activities. The School Band is one of the best in the whole region. Co-curricular activities, such as Scouts and Guide, Habitat Youth Club etc have contributed in making the School an excellent educational institution of the town.

The School inculcate good habitual tracts. The Principal and Staff of New Stewart School are disciplined and men and women of character. A lot of emphasis is given too character building, moral education and acquiring good values of life. Although the School is strict and time-table based yet there is lot of fun and joy. Tournaments, cultural activities, competitions, outgoings etc. make the school life lively, enjoyable and interesting. As the students glance back at the bygone school years, their heart swell up with gratitude and gratefulness for the wonderful years spent int he school. New Stewart School has profoundly shaped and moulded the personality of the students

Our Mission

“Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” “Domini Timor Prima Sapientia.”

  • This Biblical verse (Psalm 111:10) remains our guiding principle. (Here, fear stands for reverential awe of God, a reverence for His power and glory. In other words, it is a total acknowledgement of all that God is, which comes through knowing Him and all His attributes).
  • We firmly believe that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is the source of all knowledge. Therefore, our mission is to inculcate in young minds that God is the ultimate source of all knowledge and He is the greatest teacher.
  • Stewart School believes that every child is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood. They should be valued for their individuality, culture and heritage. They should be encouraged to develop their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To impart to the students quality education under the management of Diocese of Cuttack,CNI.
  • To incalculate values which speak of physical,Moral,Aesthetic,social,cultural,economic and Political development.
  • To promote emotional and spiritual strength.
  • To Inculcate the value of team spirit.
  • To Inculcate the value of Patriotism, national integration and international understanding.
  • To promote a selfless and dedicated service attitude.
  • To maintain cultural identity with the nation and the state by teaching hindi and oriya languages.

Our History

  • New Stewart School came into existence on the 21st of July’ 1992 in the Mission Press Building through the keen vision and generosity of Rt. Rev. D. K. Mohanty, the then Bishop of the Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India.
  • The New Stewart School is one of the eleven educational institutions of the Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India. History says the building standing as a ‘Center of Learning’ today was the first Printing Press of Orissa, known as the ‘Orissa Mission Press’. The school has had a humble beginning with two classes (Nursery & Preparatory) with five dedicated teachers. In the year 1994, Prof. N.B. Banerjee joined as the Principal-in-Charge of the school. In the year 1996, the DPI, Elementary Education, Orissa was pleased to accord No Objection Certificate in favor of New Stewart School, Cuttack.
  • A new young Principal Mr. F. C. North took over the charges of the school in November 1995. Within the next two years, the school had successfully reached the class VIII stage which necessitated the institution to be affiliated to the ICSE council, New Delhi. Consequently, the school received its Provisional affiliation in 1997 and the first batch of Class X could appear ICSE Examinations in 1998. In the every next year (1999)the school received its permanent affiliation from the ICSE Council.
  • Subsequently, the first four batches of Class X students created a new history by achieving cent percent results over the first four years. The ICSE, results have been depicted in Graph.
  • During the last four years, the school has scaled new heights under the constant and continuous guidance of the Chairman and the Secretary of the school. Today, the New Stewart School, Cuttack, boasts of a total strength of 1347 students with 71 teaching and non-teaching staff members. The New Stewart School, Cuttack, presently holds a high profile among the English Medium Schools of the city because of its enthusiastic students, cooperative parents, and dedicated staff. Besides, the strong and continuous support of the Management and the commitment of the Managing Committee members have been a guiding force in the progressive journey in to the future.